Tumbling River Ranch

A resort ranch for the whole family

About us

Welcome to Tumbling River Ranch. It is our home, and we, the owners, are here every day and involved in every way to make your guest ranch experience the trip of a lifetime.

My name is Megan Dugan and dude ranching and Tumbling River Ranch is in my blood! My parents bought Tumbling River in 1975 when I was 18 months old and I have never left. My husband Scott and I bought TRR from my folks in 2000. So, you can be assured only the owners are making decisions for your family. You will find many ranches that are run by managers and off-site owners…not at Tumbling River Ranch. You will meet our family right away on check in Sunday.

We share the duties of running Tumbling River with our three kiddos Laney, Finn and Miles. They are a great help and love spending time with your kids!

It has been a wonderful adventure and pleasure to have Tumbling River as our home. My husband, Scott, wasn’t born into the business, but has evolved into the true people person and an incredible dude rancher. He loves the ranch, the lifestyle and most of all, the guests. Scott has brought so many amazing changes and details to TRR. He is able to see the ranch with fresh eyes and has so many talents to bring to the table. For example, Scott thought we were really missing a fly-fishing piece to the ranch and has since added entire days and staff to that event. He has also improved so much of the physical ranch, from the famous “soccer field” (Scott has a pretty good game for a dude rancher), to the pool remodel, to the new campfire site, to our new footbridge.

He has also been instrumental in our corral changes. We are now proud owners of a southern CO hay ranch where our awesome horses get to spend the winter. He didn’t grown up a cowboy, but he has become quite a horseman in his own right. In the fall, he takes a “guys only” pack trip and picks a trail in CO that he has never set foot in (nor have other Coloradans) and packs everything in and up for the weeks’ event. I am so pleased not to be invited on this trip!

We love the ranch, and are constantly changing and growing the property–really enjoying ourselves along the way. We hope you will come visit our family and experience this great place!

Megan & Scott Dugan



Our ranch is unique in its location, nestled deep in Pike national forest among colorful aspens and cool, clear streams.

The remote, high mountains that surround us offer not only spectacular scenery but, in addition, contain a wealth of unspoiled history. The abundant wildlife in the region attracted first the semi-nomadic Ute Indians, then the fur trappers whose old cabins can still be found in our pastures and the surrounding forest.

The major event in Colorado’s recent history, however, came a little over a century ago with the discovery of gold and silver. The rush of the 1880s dotted our high mountain landscape with mines and abandoned ghost towns. We’re still finding them-in places it’s hard imagine humans surviving. During the summer months, we can explore these remote, historic areas. The feeling of discovery is exciting; ours is one of the few ranches where you can really see the unspoiled history of the Rockies firsthand.

The old mines are also a rockhounder’s paradise, with a great assortment of minerals found in few other places. So if you like geology, you will find plenty to explore.

In addition to visiting remote areas, you will also have a chance to visit well preserved old towns such as Georgetown and Fairplay. A century ago, historic Georgetown became known as the “Silver Queen” – the silver mining capital of the Rockies. Its old homes and stores are extremely well-preserved. There, you will see exceptional museums with relics from our area and be able to browse in the quaint shops. Or, if you prefer, take a ride on the Georgetown Loop Railroad (an engineering marvel in its time), and stop in the Georgetown Candy Company for some homemade ice cream or fudge.

Fairplay was founded as South Park City, and is the capital of Park County. It’s western heritage is on full display at the South Park City museum, a fictional mining town made from buildings recovered from the ghost towns of the area. There, you can walk through original schoolhouses, blacksmiths’ shops, and saloons and experience Colorado’s history firsthand.

Why Choose Tumbling River Ranch?

A One-of-a-Kind Family Vacation
Located among cascading streams and abundant wild life, Tumbling River Ranch offers endless ways to enjoy the Colorado high country and a truly memorable vacation for your entire family.

Our friendly atmosphere and unparalleled service (a 1:2 staff-to-guest ratio), our historic, first-rate lodging, and our exceptional, home-cooked meals have remained staples of the Tumbling River Ranch experience for over 70 years. What’s more, Tumbling River is more than just a business-it’s been a family tradition since 1975, when Jim and Mary Dale Gordon bought the ranch. After 25 years, they turned it over to their youngest child, Megan, who now runs it with her husband Scott and their three kids. They’re involved in every aspect of day-to-day ranch operations, and will help you create a week of vacation memories that will last a lifetime. We welcome you and yours to our ranch, our home, to experience the best vacation for the ENTIRE family at Tumbling River Ranch!

Tumbling River has been “a best” from 5280 magazines, a “top choice” ranch from Gene Kilgore with Kilgore Ranch Vacations and awarded Trip Advisors 5-Star Excellence award, but our finest tribute of all is that half of our guests each week are return guests that come back to the ranch each year. Many who return are second-generation guests who want their children and grandchildren to experience the magic of Tumbling River Ranch!

Read about past guests’ experiences over at TripAdvisor.com or our own Testimonials page,
then give us a call. We can’t wait to hear from you!