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Application for Employment at Tumbling River Ranch

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Please return this application, along with your staff agreement, and YouTube pitch. We will contact you regardless of our decision, but don’t hesitate to follow-up with us. The process takes about 3-4 weeks.

Additionally, we require you to answer the following questions via a YouTube elevator pitch (30 sec to 2 min Upload Instructions). The following three questions: why dude ranching? why Tumbling River Ranch and why your skill set matches the job you've applied for. Please be aware of the rules and guideline that are required in our application. Our rules and guidelines have only one purpose — they will contribute to a good operation and will result in providing our guests with a great vacation. Above all, we ask that our staff keep a pleasant attitude and be constantly aware of helping our guests.

Before signing this application, please understand the employee expectations at Tumbling River Ranch. We are well known for our outstanding programs for kids and families. Therefore, we enforce a strict policy of cleanliness and dress codes.

For the gals, hair is to be pulled back with shirts tucked in. No excessive jewelry, heavy makeup, visible tattoos or body piercings.

For the guys, we expect short to moderate haircuts and a clean-shaven look. No jewelry or visible tattoos. We want to see boots, hats and belts all the time!

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