Thank you for your genuine interest in a summer position at Tumbling River Ranch. We are a beautiful guest ranch in central Colorado–only 62 miles southwest of Denver. Our ranch is in the middle of the Pike National Forest, adjacent to the Mount Evans wilderness area. We are a second generation, family run ranch since 1975. The ranch is at 9200 feet, and is a first-class facility. We expect a lot of our staff, and in return you will have a truly memorable summer enjoying our guests each week. Our staff is encouraged to enjoy the ranch and the activities we offer, fun things like horseback riding, fishing, white-water rafting, hiking, and enjoying the mountains (we are close to Denver, Boulder and Breckenridge, which makes for some great day-off trips). To be a successful staff member at Tumbling River, you should be prepared to serve guest first and foremost. Also, you should be prepared to work very hard and enjoy what you’re doing! Our favorite staff have the attitude of “being an employee of Tumbling River and wanting to help out wherever needed”

We begin the hiring process around November 1st each year and try to have all the hiring done by mid-April. Each year we hire 25-28 staff to fill the following positions:

  • cooks
  • baker
  • housekeeping/wait staff
  • wranglers
  • kids counselors for babies (under age 2), 3-5 age group, 6-11 age group and teen counselors
  • drivers
  • Office Staff
  • general ranch hands
  • dishwasher/daily chores

If you would like specific job descriptions of the jobs listed above, please email Megan at info@tumblingriver.com

Details! Who should apply?

While there are some ‘technical’ activities at the ranch (cooking, baking, wrangler and kids counseling) that may demand ‘hard skills’, we look at personalities traits first, including people who:

  • are 19 years of age, or older
  • meet the summer date requirement (this is required)
  • are good at building one-on-one relationships with guests
  • maintain a positive attitude at all times
  • love kids, people and service
  • are hard workers/able to work long, sometimes varied hours
  • are problem solvers
  • enjoy working with others and jumping in to help the collective team
  • are flexible/able to adapt activities to the needs of guests


We are looking for employees who are available from mid-May to the end of August. Some positions extend through the end of September. The exact dates that you are available to work are very important and will be weighed heavily in the hiring process.

Compensation Information

Our compensation package consists of a competitive hourly wage based on your skill set. Raises and bonuses are available as the summer progresses. Room and board is provided at a nominal daily rate.

Important Information and Ranch Living

Having a car at TRR is recommended but not required. We will be happy to pick you up at the Denver International airport, with arrangements made in advance. You will need to arrange your own transportation on days off, as ranch vehicles are not to be used for personal purposes.

Washers and dryers are provided at no charge. Cellular phones do not work at the ranch, however we provide a staff phone with unlimited long distance. Wifi is available for staff who have a capable device, however please be aware that the Wifi at Tumbling River is limited. We only have 2 T1 lines and we have 50 guests a week that use it a ton. Be prepared to use the Wifi to check email and not much else. You will not have the ability to stream videos, music or movies.

Room & Board

Housing is bunkhouse style. Unfortunately, we limited housing for married couples and older staff. Also it is not possible to have any private housing. It is imperative you respect the space and belongings of your roommates. Bed linens, pillows, and towels are provided. Storage space is very limited, so please pack appropriately. We will supply a suggested gear list to new employees.

Great things to think about…

Before applying, please understand the employee expectations at Tumbling River Ranch. We are well-known for our outstanding programs for kids and families. Therefore, we enforce a strict policy of cleanliness and dress codes. For the gals, hair is to be pulled back with shirts tucked in. No excessive jewelry, heavy makeup, visible tattoos or body piercings. For the guys, we expect short to moderate haircuts and a clean-shaven look. No jewelry or visible tattoos. We want to see boots, hats and belts all the time!

If you think you would be interested in being a part of Tumbling River Ranch and are willing to devote 3 months or more to the ranch and our guests, please feel free to apply online.


Additional to our application, we require you to answer the following questions via a YouTube elevator pitch (30 sec to 2 minutes). The following three questions: why dude ranching? why Tumbling River Ranch and why your skill set matches the job you’ve applied for. Please be aware of the rules and guideline that are required in our application. Our rules and guidelines have only one purpose — they will contribute to a good operation and will result in providing our guests with a great vacation. Above all, we ask that our staff keep a pleasant attitude and be constantly aware of helping our guests.

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