Food and Wine

At Tumbling River Ranch, meals are a source of pride. Everything is home-cooked–we make our own breads and desserts, and guarantee that you and your kids will be more than satisfied with the menu. Typical dinners will feature a wide range of entrees, including tri-tip roasts, pork tenderloin, grilled salmon, smoked trout, barbecued chicken and ribs–and all you can eat! If you have special dietary restrictions, we ask that you contact the ranch for more information. We are able to handle most restrictions with enough notice, however we do have some limitations and some restrictions come with an additional fee.

Family-Style Meals

For the most part, our meals are served family-style. This means that adults and kids sit together and enjoy the same meal–we prepare a set entree, rather than a menu to choose from. If you have a picky eater in your family, take the time to fill out the “dietary needs” section on our advance guest form. We can incorporate additional items into our meals if we are prepared ahead of time. We are the most kid-friendly ranch in Colorado, and will always have kid-friendly dining options on-hand (e.g. macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, PB&J, etc.). If your child likes something specific, please let us know so that we can be prepared.

Tumbling River Ranch Sample Menu

We are so proud to be a small family business and that includes our Tumbling River kitchen. Scott and I are in the kitchen everyday working with our cooks and baker, trying out new recipes, grilling, cutting, chopping and doing dishes! Our cooks are the best; they come in and learn our 40+ year recipes and show their love of food and cooking. We are blown away each week with all the food compliments we receive.

Our meals are a source of pride and you will find everything is home-cooked! Typical dinners will feature a wide range of entrees, including tri-tip roasts, pork tenderloin, grilled salmon, smoked trout, barbecued chicken and ribs. Here is a sample menu to get you excited for your week of culinary delights!



Each day starts with a wonderful, colorful and healthy cereal bar. You will find:

  • 4 cereal choices
  • Homemade granola
  • Milks
  • Fresh berries
  • Fresh seasonal fruit (peaches, kiwi)
  • French vanilla yogurt
  • Melon slices
  • Ruby red grapefruit
  • Hot oatmeal
  • Bagels and cream cheese
  • Individual yogurts of various flavors
  • Fresh fruit baskets



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Most of our lunches are served in one of our beautiful outdoor mountain venues.

We start the week with a lunch spread around our pool featuring buffalo brats and sweet grilled chicken sandwiches. This meal also has a lighter option with our kale citrus salad (try the grilled chicken on top of the salad).

Our lunch cookouts all include:

Main entrée like: brats and chicken sandwiches, hamburgers and hotdog, sandwiches and soups and our famous fajita spread. Your family will always find salad options, pickles, chops, carrots, celery, fresh fruit and of course, the cookie of the day! We find our lunch menus to be very inclusive, but if you have a picky eater, we always have a few kid options that come to all cookout’s and dining room meals.




You will be hungry after a full day of Tumbling River activities! Your family will our a five piece serving style. Those five pieces are a homemade bread, salad, 2-sides and a protein. Here are examples of a family style dinner (entire family eats in the dining room together) which happen Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights, our outdoor BBQ menu and one of our adult fancy dinners. Beyond that you can expect to see buffalo, salmon, chicken and beef on the menu. Again, we are happy to cater to most eating styles if we know in advance. We also have the following kid’s menu items available: mac and cheese, deli sandwiches, cheese pizza, hot dogs, chicken tenders and good old fashion PB & J’s.


Sunday night family dinner

  • Caesar salad dressed and served with homemade croutons
  • Fresh baked honey wheat dinner rolls
  • Seasonal vegetables
  • New potatoes served with parmesan cheese and fresh herbs
  • Grilled tri-tip roast with a Santa Maria dry rub
  • Iced tea, water, coffee, hot teas
  • Toffee Crunch ice cream pie

Monday night BBQ cookout

  • Baked potato bar with all the fixing’s
  • Ranch style baked beans with brown sugar and spicy mustard
  • Fresh baked herb dinner rolls
  • Slow cooked Danish pork ribs covered with TRR’s famous BBQ sauce
  • Grilled BBQ chicken breast, drumsticks and thighs
  • Skewers of vegetables in a light Italian dressing
  • coolers of iced tea, lemonade and water
  • Hot chocolate and coffee
  • Carrot cake

Tuesday night fancy dinner

Tuesday night starts with appetizers in our bar and the drink of the day as the kiddos are off on a “kids/staff only cookout”

  • Apple, walnut and blue cheese salad with shallot vinaigrette
  • Fresh baked zucchini bread
  • Roasted red pepper risotto
  • Lightly roasted fresh green beans
  • Grilled pork (or smoked) with a green chili sauce
  • Followed with an apple tart with homemade Carmel sauce and homemade cinnamon ice cream.
Beer and Wine Service

We opened our full bar in June of 2016 to great success, which provides liquor, wine, and beer. The bar is open from 4 pm-8 pm each evening so that guests may enjoy a refreshing glass of wine, cold beer or signature cocktail. It’s the perfect place to unwind and reconnect after a day full of adventure.

While our bar can provide you with a choice wine or hand-crafted cocktail, beer is the name of the game in Colorado, a state that takes pride in and actively supports organic, family-owned, and craft products. As a result of this statewide philosophy, the Centennial State has 217 microbreweries crafting small-batch beer with unique, personal touches. The Ranch Room bar features beers from traditional brewers like Colorado’s own Coors Brewery and the Budweiser Brewing Company, as well as selections from local microbreweries Grist Brewing Company, Lone Tree Brewing Company and a new favorite draft, Living the Dream Brewing out of Littleton.

We still have a B.Y.O.B. policy in your cabin, your cabin porch and the Pueblo House. We are happy to provide cooler full of ice for anything you would like to keep cold on your cabin porch.

Boxed Lunches

If you or your family are doing any activities on your own and you would like a boxed lunch provided, please see the staff member handling the activities list each evening. We have an order form to fill out so you can request exactly what you want!

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