Hiking to the summit of Mount Bierstadt, at 14,060 feet.

Tumbling River Ranch is surrounded by thousands of acres of Pike National Forest, which offers unparalleled hiking opportunities. Want to summit one of Colorado’s famous 14ers? There are two 14,000 ft. peaks practically in our back yard. Looking for stunning vistas above treeline? The views from the top of Guanella Pass Road can be endless and breathtaking. Rather stop and smell the roses? We can’t guarantee roses, but Colorado’s backcountry is home to one of the widest wildflower varieties on the planet. And don’t forget the fall! Once the wildflowers wilt and the weather gets crisp, treat yourself to a stroll under the golden foliage of high country aspen trees.

We offer guided hikes every day over the summer, ranging from early morning strolls to adrenaline-pumping, high country adventure, keeping you out on the trail for most of the day. If you’d rather explore on your own, you’re welcome to borrow one of our GPS units to find your own way to go searching for one of our local geocaches. Or, challenge yourself to the Tumbling River Flag Mountain hike (try and beat the record time, or just climb to the top and sign your name!). We also have maps and wildflower guides for your use.

Hiking at Tumbling River is not to be missed. See photos from our hiking offerings over at our Photo Gallery.

Photo Gallery

There are hiking opportunities all over Tumbling River!


Health and Wellness


We hear over and over the value of “un-plugging” on vacation, even a dude ranch vacation. We want to offer our guests the opportunity to take time to explore, relax and stretch your body and mind. We have full programs for health and wellness.

We have a guided hiking program with hiking options every day, we offer body movement classes such as yoga, fitness classes that include weights as well as high cardio options. We have a resident massage therapist as well, which makes Tumbling River the perfect destination for reviving your mind, rejuvenating your body, and invigorating your spirit.



We offer yoga three times a week in our beautiful Pioneer Club. Two sets of French doors opens to an expansive deck with the “tumbling river” (Geneva Creek) tumbles down through the ranch. We have a host of relaxing activities that can help stretch out those saddle-sore muscles; these classes are ideal for everyone from complete beginners to practiced yogis.


“Today is your day! The mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” Dr. Seuss may have well been staying at Tumbling River! TRR has developed an exciting, all-inclusive and amazing guided hiking program. The ranch sits at 9,200 feet in elevation, right in the heart of some of the best hiking Colorado has to offer. We will start on Monday morning with a “get to know you hike” around the ranch. This hike will allow our guests to “feel the burn” of breathing at high altitude while preparing for some of our more rewarding hiking trips later in the week.

Tuesday’s schedule includes Tumbling River’s historic Flag Mountain hike. Do the work, feel the sweat, and get to sign the summer flag for all to see-and don’t forget to bring your camera! The views of the ranch below, the Mount Evans Wilderness, and the spine of the Colorado Front Range are all on full display to those who conquer this trail. On Wednesday, we offer a long, pack-a-lunch hike that stretches the length of the pass. Thursday and Friday are half-day hikes to two beautiful alpine lakes that rest at 12,000 feet and 12,200 feet. These hikes are perfect morning workouts that leave your afternoon available for horseback riding, shooting sports, rock climbing, relaxing with a massage, or getting some well-deserved shut-eye. We will finish up the hiking week with a Saturday excursion on a stretch of the famous Colorado Trail system, full of views of South Park and ever-changing wildflowers.

Take in the beauty of the mountains, and gain a sense of accomplishment from conquering a mountain top, or simply enjoy the peace brought by a mountain stream. You decide what level and challenge you’d like to take on, and we will guide you from there.

Fitness classes:

Tumbling River strives to be the perfect vacation spot for the entire family! We want your family to go as much or as little as you like. For some of our guests leaving behind their gyms, or workout routines, vacations can be hard. We also want you to feel like you’ve earned those homemade cookies and desserts! Throughout the week, we will offer fitness classes. These classes will be lead in outdoor spaces, or in the upper floors of the Pioneer Club. These classes range from trail running excursions, timed interval classes with body weight and dumbbells to weight only classes, to combinations of cardio and weights. The times for these classes will vary based on interest and other activity sign-ups.


Step out of your stirrups and into the Recovery Room, our little cabin in the woods dedicated to massage therapy. Experience a wonderfully relaxing massage or speak with Carol, our TRR massage therapist-who has been with us for 10 years-about a Swedish or deep muscle massage. Massage services are available Tues, Thursday and Friday or by private appointment. If you know you want a massage while you are at the ranch, you can sign up at the orientation on Sunday night or stop by the office anytime and add your name to the list!