Meet our crew

Tumbling River Ranch staff are committed to making your family vacation the best you’ve ever had.

Tumbling River Ranch is known for exceptional food, outstanding programs for kids, warm hospitality, but what we are the proudest of is the crew that we are able to put together each and every summer. We have a two-generation tradition of hiring staff that want to be at the ranch and be with our guests. Started by the on-site owner that are there every day to work with the staff to make sure our guests feel our western hospitality. Owner, Megan does all the hiring herself and truly believes it makes a difference to find those kids that understand she and her husband and their ranch. Scott and Megan hire kids they enjoy being around and want around their three kids. Each staff member has a strong commitment to the ranch and excessing guest expectation.

Our staff get to know our guests before they even arrive. We encourage our staff to know where our guests are from, each family member’s names and why they have chosen us for their dude ranch vacation. Our staff eat each meal among our guests, they’re at all of our activities and evening activities and more importantly are a huge part of our culture. We are the true family ranch…no levels of management, no departments…just a family feel that works together. Our guests find our staff to be energetic and service-oriented. Each room, has profiles so your family can learn about these awesome kids who will be a big part of your week.

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Extremely family friendly, not too large (50-60) guests, food that’s way up on the scale, activities that make you explore the beautiful creation around the Ranch, and staff that you really get to know and appreciate. Hospitality is exceptional.


The personal touch is intrinsic to this family run company and the staff they employ are totally engaging with the guests


What keeps us coming back though is the staff. Each year, we meet a group of new wranglers and guides as well as some returning staff. They are such a great group of people that we can now call family and friends.