The Ranch


Tumbling River Ranch is a truly special place for parents and grandparents to enjoy our one of a kind family vacation. The heart of our business is week long stays for families and we do that for about 8 weeks of the summer season. At our awesome elevation, the air is clear, skies bright and the mountains giant. We are the premier “kid” ranch in Colorado with full programs for babies, kids ages 6-11 and teens. Our philosophy is that if the kids are having a great time, the parents can’t help but relax and enjoy the ranch as well. The kids will try and experience new adventures, new animals and enjoy the fun and enthusiasm of our awesome ranch crew. As for activities, we are constantly adding and updating our programs. Our guests always comment on how many activities we have in comparison to other ranches. Activities for family members include fly-fishing, hiking, trapshooting, family rodeos, white-water rafting, and or course horseback riding!

Your family will enjoy beautiful horseback riding (half-day rides, all-day rides, arena work and our amazing overnight pack trip). Our riding is special: we can get you where only mountain goats go, to 12,200 feet above sea level! You will enjoy the back county in a way you have never experienced before. We live for families returning year after year to their same cozy cabin, familiar faces and our highest level of service, hospitality and comfort.

Let’s not forget the most important part of the vacation: no cooking for a week! Meals are a source of pride to us. Everything here is home-cooked. We make our own breads and pastries, and guarantee that you will not have any instant anything here. Typical dinners will feature tri-tip roasts, smoked pork tenderloin, grilled chicken, and Danish pork barbecued ribs–all you can eat! We have lots of cookouts, and you haven’t lived until you’ve ridden several hours up to a high mountain meadow and smelled coffee brewing and bacon cooking.


The ranch itself is a show place. Some of the buildings on the property date back to the turn of last century, and have remained favorites of guests to this day. (The original homestead cabin, built in the late 1800s, is a perennial favorite.) The Ranch House and the Pueblo House were both built during the 1920s and reflect a charm that can no longer be duplicated. An early mayor of Denver built the Ranch House as his mountain home: it is a five-story lodge that accommodates the main dining room and kitchen, a large living room, a smaller lounge, and give guest suites (each with its own fireplace and private bath!). Bighorn sheep can often be seen from the windows in the living room.

Surrounding the Ranch House are half a dozen cabins. The cabins vary in size, but each has two separate suites that can be opened to adjoin. Each suite has a private bath, fireplace and beautiful front porch complete with a swing.

Rounding out the ranch facilities are a heated swimming pool, massage room, two hot tubs, office, corral, trading post (gift shop), guest laundry, and a pond stocked with trout. The Pioneer Club houses a foosball table, ping-pong, and a dance floor–perfect for everything from square dances to wedding receptions and talent nights.

Follow this link for details of each cabin and a map of our accommodations.